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101 Tips to selling your home yourself

So. You'd like to sell your house? Great! Everyone's doing it. But this is your first time and you'll be doing the sale yourself. Nervous? Of course!

These tips can help you map out a selling strategy for your house, and when you turn the lock for the last time, you'll come out of the experience wiser. And yes, wealthier, too.

  • Before anything else, grab a powerhouse of knowledge.
  • Know thy Area/Community
  • Know thy Abode
  • Your Motives for Selling
  • Getting Serious and Getting Ready
  • Letting the Word Out
  • And so much more!


Product Details:
  • 9780244774875
  • Includes Resale Rights
  • Language:English
  • Pages:61
  • File Format:PDF
  • 390.42 KB
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Includes Resale rights!!!! 

You may sell or give away this product along with these rights

All this for just £6.10!


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