Can You Get Big On Healthy Food?

If you are an average natural bodybuilder or if you've been reading anything about natural bodybuilding, you have probably heard that nutrition is the most important part of the entire process. The unfortunate thing is, most of the information that is out there is not going to give you the truth about what nutrition your body needs in order to get big and strong. As a matter of fact, much of the information, or misinformation that is available comes about as a result of the companies that sponsor that type of media.

For example, almost everybody that talks about natural bodybuilding are going to say that you should be drinking protein shake regularly in order to keep your protein levels up. Some bodybuilders drink protein in the form of shake to the tune of hundreds of grams per day. They may also be eating chicken breasts with every meal or tuna straight out of the can in order to get their protein numbers up even higher. They may be seeing some gains but the unfortunate thing is that they are not doing their bodies any favours at all. Protein is important, but the right type of protein is more important.

You might be surprised to learn that you can actually get more protein from some raw greens than you can from an average chicken breast. For example, kale has more grams of protein per serving than chicken or a protein shake. Not only that, it is alive and the protein that you're getting is also alive and easily assimilated by the body. Anytime you take protein into the body, it needs to be broken down in order to be absorbed. By getting your protein naturally along with living enzymes, you will give your body what is necessary in order for it to grow effectively.

Of course, along with eating vegetables in order to get the protein, it is also necessary for you to eat fruit. The sugars that are in fruit will give you the energy that your body needs in order to get through a difficult workout or to sustain you through a long afternoon. Make sure that you keep this balance and eat as much raw fruits and vegetables that you can handle during the day and you will see gains in your growth and strength rather quickly.


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