The Complete Gardener's Reference Library

Date: 02/12/18Posted by Hayley


Whatever you need to know - from growing your own deliciously tasty organic vegetables and caring for your lawn through to completely redesigning your garden from the soil up - it's all here!
Just Take A Look At What's Included:
Organic Secrets: This is an amazing fact filled book. This took over two years to research and write and now for the first time available as a digital download. And you can start reading this "comprehensive manual to everything organic" in less than five minutes. Discover the simple facts about growing your own healthy organic produce at home.
Your Garden: Everything you ever wanted to know about gardening is here. All those must do jobs you've been putting off will seem much less daunting and will take far less time. "Packed full to bursting with professional gardening tips." You'll love this guidebook and you'll refer back to it again and again as you build towards your perfect garden. It's like having a professional gardener to help every time you venture outside. Also Comes With Our "Top Twenty Tips Book"
Your Perfect Lawn: Do you want to be the envy of your friends and neighbours - Save time, effort & money when you discover the easy way to creating the Perfect Lawn. It doesn't matter if you're a complete amateur, a budding enthusiast or a gardening professional I know you'll find lots of new ideas in this book. Brand New and All the information you need to create a perfectly manicured lawn Just like the Pro's
Wild Flowers Worth Knowing: This is a rediscovered classic study written by Neltje Blanchan back in 1917 and is a must for the professional gardener and keen amateur alike. Brought back to life for the digital age! It contains over 213 pages of beautifully researched wild flower information - Including detailed descriptions, Latin and alternative names, preferred habitats, flowering seasons, geographic preferences and beautifully written mini essays on each plant. A Remarkable Volume presenting not only a view of wild flowers but an understanding of the culture of the era (Pre Great War) when the world of nature was truly respected. Neltje Blanchan was a true literary nature icon whose works continue to be appreciated more than 100 years since her birth. This non pictorial edition is presented in PDF format which will enable you to search the entire edition in just seconds. Type in the name of a plant - a plant colour or description and find it instantly.
"Everything About Composting", "Everything About Pest Management" and "Everything About Mulching"

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Date: 28/11/18Posted by Hayley


Valuable Information About Everything You Want To Know About Building And Maintaining Your Own Greenhouse.
Have you ever longed to have a greenhouse, but could not because you did not know much about it? The eBook, “Building Your Own Greenhouse,” simplifies the task of greenhouse building and maintenance. The tips that this eBook presents not only inform you about the various types of greenhouses, but also about greenhouse equipment. In addition, it offers valuable tips on growing amazing greenhouse plants.
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