Breaking Addiction

Date: 14/01/20Posted by Hayley


Do you depend on a certain thing that you have come to a point where you realize you need to be free from that dependency? You've arrived at the bottom and you have accepted that you need assistance from outside resources for you to live away from addiction.
In this book, you will learn more about certain addictions and dependencies and know how you can overpower them.
Topics include: * Smoking* Liquor* Drugs* Supporting Recovery* and many more!!

A Complete Guide to Summer Hair Care

Date: 06/01/20Posted by Hayley


We all need to take a few minutes before we walk out the door and into the blazing sun rays to protect our hair from all that damage just waiting in the wings. And with the information provided right here in these very pages, that's all it will take you, just a few minutes extra each day to ensure your hair looks just as fabulous in the Summer as it does in the Autumn months.

Acid Reflux

Date: 01/01/20Posted by Hayley


Gastro-oesophagal Reflux Disease (GERD), the medical term for "Acid Reflux" is defined as the product of abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the oesophagus thus, creating a mucosal damage, likewise known as the chronic symptom.
This disease strikes adult primarily, while infants and children can also be affected. Normally spurred by eating certain foods, if not pregnancy, or taking a sleep right after eating a heavy meal, a large number of persons suffer from acid reflux at one time or another.
Magnifying Acid Reflux, Keeping Pregnant Women Away From Acid Reflux Dilemma, Acid Reflux Disease Symptoms, Heal Your Heartburn Through Acid Reflux Diet, Acid Reflux Medication, Acid Reflux in Baby, Pillows and Positional Therapy as Immediate Remedy for Acid Reflux, The Two Most Common Acid Reflux Surgery with Quick Recovery, Sore Throat Set off by Acid Reflux, Facts About Acid Reflux Treatment And more...

Secrets To 6 Pack Abs

Date: 01/11/19Posted by Hayley


Includes: Sleep, Protein, Cardio exercise, Ab Workouts, Abs Diet, Hydration andWhy Six-Pack Abs So Elusive

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman

Date: 23/08/19Posted by Hayley


Who Else Wants to Discover Amazing Dating Secrets You Can Use to Get Any Beautiful Woman You Want – Even If You Are Butt-Ugly, Missing Teeth & Have Struck Out With Every Single Woman You’ve Ever Approached?
New eBook Reveals How Any Man Can Go From Being a Failure With Women to Being a Success … from Being ‘Made Fun of’ to Being Respected … from Being Ignored to Being Worshipped … All in Just a Few Days!

Acne Free System

Date: 22/07/19Posted by Hayley


Warning: Do NOT even consider putting yourself through yet another acne "remedy" until you've read this..
Put An End To Costly Chemical Drugs Or Painful Treatments That Just Don't Work!
"Discover The Scientifically Proven Secrets To Permanently Removing Acne With Simple Home Based Treatments That Are Guaranteed To Work!"
Regain Control Over Your Self Confidence With A Surefire
Breakthrough Strategy For Permanent Acne Control!

Prosperity and Spiritual Empowerment

Date: 19/07/19Posted by Hayley


What is spiritual empowerment? What does it entail? There are just too many questions relating to spiritual empowerment, which could well be one of the greatest enhancers of our life. The most famous people in the world have attained various degrees of spiritual empowerment. The people whom the world follows today had a spirituality of the highest order. This eBook is a humble attempt at taking you there.

100 Business Expert Ideas

Date: 11/05/19Posted by Hayley


This ebook will give you 100 business expert ideas. It includes all kinds of different ways to learn to be a guru in all aspects of a business. These ideas will help you master marketing, copywriting, selling, customer support, finances, list building, etc. It will give you info products to study, types of business and professionals to model and kinds of strategies you will learn from others.

Ebook update

Date: 21/11/18Posted by Hayley