50k Plus Jobs

Date: 19/03/19Posted by Hayley


50k Plus Jobs In Aviation

In the field of aviation, one of the most common 50k plus jobs here is by being a pilot. If you are one of those people who want to earn this amount of money and even more, then you might want to consider becoming a pilot.

Before you and your salary soar

Being in the field of aviation requires technical skills and expertise. This is why jobs related to it such as being a pilot or even an aviation mechanic is considered well-paid jobs. If you want to earn this much by being a pilot, there are two things that you need to accomplish: getting a pilot license and graduating from an aviation school.

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Date: 28/02/19Posted by Hayley


Creative Ways to Travel With Children

Are we there yet? We’ve all been there – either as the bored child waiting endlessly as the car travels through the Badlands of South Dakota or as the frustrated parent trying to keep the peace as the kids duke it out in the back seat. What are some creative ways to make this family trip one they’ll remember forever?

Some parents create a “gift bag” idea. Halfway through the trip, each child receives a mystery gift bag with activity books, colouring materials, Colorforms to stick on the window or travel inside. Other parents set aside lots of small gifts and dole them out every hour or two, saving the best ones for the more difficult points in the trip. Items could include fruit roll-ups, bubble gum, pipe cleaners, Mad Libs, maze puzzles, window markers, or – for those especially long trips, a box set that coveted TV show your child loves to watch.

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Better Your Brain

Date: 10/02/19Posted by Hayley


Seven Steps to Thinking Better: Your Brain Power Boost

Most people, especially those who are not as intelligent as Einstein, would want to have a boost of their brain power. If you are one of those people who want to think better, your brain power boost might be just a few steps away.

These seven steps might help you in your quest to keep your brain working perfectly fine.

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Bad Breath

Date: 09/02/19Posted by Hayley


What causes bad breath (and how to get rid of it)

The right proportion would be 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice is to 12 ounces of water. Water and salt. The good old water and salt solution is another effective bad breath remedy. Surprisingly, lukewarm water will do the job as well.

Homemade Toothpaste. Baking soda and salt. 3 parts baking soda mixed with 1 part salt make a good toothpaste.

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