Akashic Record Consultants

Many people want to know about the Akashic Records and what is in them. Things about their own life usually, past as well as the present. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to tap into the Akashic Records, but there is good news. There are people out there, Akashic consultants, who are able to take themselves to that dimension and read the Akashic Records.

An Akashic Record reading uplifts the one being read. The reader perceives the potential person they are working with and the perception is anchored into our the ordinary dimension of consciousness.

When the reader gets into the Akashic Records to do a reading for an individual, there are many ways they are able to do this.

Typically the best route is through spiritual means, such as prayer. When an Akashic reader opens an individual's records, they will employ a specific prayer usually referred to as a Pathway Prayer.

To get ready for a reading, there is some preparation that should be done by the individual.

It is important to consider the areas of your life that you want information about. General concerns are usually health, work, finances, relationships and family.

Think about the issues you wish to know more about and think about those things in your life that are hard to change. Places where you may need help or guidance.

Bring your questions with you to your Akashic Consultation. The reading is a sharing of Energy of the Records and it is important to understand that recognizing and dealing with ordinary human challenges are the path to higher consciousness.


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