30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips

INCREASE Your Sales Copy's Conversion Rate By Making MINIMUM Changes That Deliver MAXIMUM Impact!

A sales letter is considered to produce a good decent conversion rate at 2 to 4 percent. You are doing better if your sales letter produces above 4 percent. Some marketers reportedly produce 6% and some as high as 20-30% to cold prospects!

30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips, as the title suggests, reveals 30 powerful tips you can use and apply to your web copy to help increase your conversion rates with minimal changes!

In This E-Book, Discover:

  • 30 maximum conversion rate tips that you can use for your own and apply to your sales copies... online or offline!

  • How to increase urgency in your prospects unconsciously through c_______ your headline ____!

  • How to make an interesting opening in your copy and get your prospect to continue reading!

  • Why & how people are really predictable through this "true and tested" case study!

  • How to qualify your prospects without the use of a crystal ball! (Hint: This might contradict what some successful people believe in, but you can actually make s______ and still have prospects follow you all the way from top to your order button!)

  • How to add credibility AND "believability" to your sales letter WITHOUT the use of hype!

  • What hot buttons to press that makes your prospect buy from you NOW and NOT later!

  • And much, much more!

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